Good purposes

Looking Forward

Looking Forward

The last days of the year. Normally a time to look backwards and think of the things we did, the people we met, and what they meant to us, and most importantly, the people that stand by our side. Time to make balance of the good and bad things of the period that is coming to an end. What came into our lives and what is no longer there.

It is also time to look forward, make plans, wishes and good purposes for the year to start.

Above, all, it is time to share and celebrate for all the good things that deserve to be celebrated.

Amongst many other, and probably more important things that I will celebrate, one of those good purposes I did for 2011, by this time last year, was starting a blog. One year later, here it is, so today I want to celebrate it with all of you that have the patience of reading it, commenting on it, and supporting me for continuing.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!


About Iker Ibanez

Over the years I have developed passion for a number of things, like airlines and aviation, cars and technology. I think the item that links them all is sophistication. I love sophisticated stuff, I love the sophistication of modern air travel. The sophistication of modern technology and cars. You can find more about me in my linkedin profile:

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  1. Happy new year to you too!

    To be honest, when I subscribed to this blog I though I was subscribing to some kind of contest where at the end there was going to be a bid for an iPad or something. I am starting to realize that there won’t be such a bid but anyway I must admit that I am enjoing this trip with you and learning a lot.

    Thanks for the blog and the effort that you take to keep it up. I promise I will keep reading and maybe one of this days I will even dare to make an intelligent comment too.

    Happy Christmas!!

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