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Good purposes

Looking Forward

Looking Forward

The last days of the year. Normally a time to look backwards and think of the things we did, the people we met, and what they meant to us, and most importantly, the people that stand by our side. Time to make balance of the good and bad things of the period that is coming to an end. What came into our lives and what is no longer there.

It is also time to look forward, make plans, wishes and good purposes for the year to start.

Above, all, it is time to share and celebrate for all the good things that deserve to be celebrated.

Amongst many other, and probably more important things that I will celebrate, one of those good purposes I did for 2011, by this time last year, was starting a blog. One year later, here it is, so today I want to celebrate it with all of you that have the patience of reading it, commenting on it, and supporting me for continuing.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!


There is no 2 without 3

Apple iPad

Apple iPad

This might be true from multiple points of view when it comes to the naming of the yet to be unveiled iPad 3. It seems that not only will Apple release the 3rd version of the popular tablet as early as in a few weeks time from now, but also that more than one version of it will be available at the same time. This somehow breaks the evolution of the iPad product so far and might be a sign of the popularity the Amazon Kindle Fire is enjoying.

Up to now, the iPad and most of its competitors have been positioned too closely, with this being the reason for the failure of most of them. Kindle, however, is probably on a class of its own. For the moment… Obviously Kindle is not meant to be a replacement to the iPad, as sales figures of the Apple product seem to prove, however, it might have uncovered a gap in Cupertinos product line, where there might be room for a lower spec iPad in between the iPhone and the high-end iPad 3.

Yet to be seen is whether this strategy would pay off for Apple, as Amazon seems to be way ahead covering the low end of the market, with sales figures in excess of one million units per week.

It would also be interesting to see how Apple will approach the developer community, as it looks like now applications will have to be available for multiple screen resolutions and screen sizes.