So finally I found the time and the theme to start my own blog.

Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class

Airline sophistication

I guess the most difficult thing when starting a new blog is defining what is all of this going to be about. I just realized that this blog will not have a single theme. It will be around a few things for which I feel specially attracted or passionate, and hopefully the posts here will be around them. And what are these things? Everything within Technology, Banking IT, Aviation, Cars and Travel. And sophistication, I love sophisticated stuff.





Enterprise Technology

Enterprise Technology

Quite disperse, yes, but I guess there is something in common. How these industries have excelled in some aspects, and how these can be applied to the others. Don’t be surprised if you find a review about a flight or a restaurant I enjoyed, or a funny application for a new technology I just learned about.

Above all, the whole idea behind opening this blog is about finding how technology and sophistication can be applied to the Enterprise World by becoming a bit wild. Some of you would agree that in todays average enterprise, the application of technology is somehow restricted by policies, controls and other forms of governance.

So this tiny little place in the web is where we can all go wild and imagine how those innovative technologies that we use, and those we only read about, could break through in the Enterprise World and find fabulous applications. Let’s go wild.

The journey starts, Welcome onboard!

About Iker Ibanez

Over the years I have developed passion for a number of things, like airlines and aviation, cars and technology. I think the item that links them all is sophistication. I love sophisticated stuff, I love the sophistication of modern air travel. The sophistication of modern technology and cars. You can find more about me in my linkedin profile: http://sg.linkedin.com/in/ikeribanez

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  1. Hi, Good luck with the blog. Good choice of categories. It is better not to tie yourself to a specific topic, I have learnt that the hard way. I will keep an eye out for the tech posts, those interest me and its good to have inspiration from others for my own posts 🙂 Good luck!!

  2. Perseverance is everything nowdays! Good luck with this!

  3. muy buena idea y adelante

  4. rbartolomeruiz

    So finally you’ve decided to start working hehehe

    Now seriously, congratulations for this idea. I’ve enjoyed your wild ideas in the past working with you and I’m sure that we can keep having a lot of fun discusing them through this blog.

    So, ley’s enjoy the ride!

  5. Congratulations brother!
    I hope there’s a place in your blog for us – economy class users…

  6. Muy bueno Iker! Te seguiré, que seguro que algo aprenderé, que trabajando contigo siempre he aprendido algo nuevo. Y eso no se puede decir siempre.
    Y si no te importa, escribiré en Español, que en Ingles ya me saturo durante el resto del día.

    Aficiones caras, pero con estilo:-)

  7. A bit late … sorry!! Congrats for this blog Iker!! I wish you the best!!
    Really interesting words!! 😉

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